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About Us

You should have someone on your team that makes you feel confident that your website is representing you and your school in the best possible way.

When one teaches, two learn.  

                                              ..Robert Heinlein

Meet the Founder, Amy Renaud


Pretty shouldn't be the only positive word used to describe your website.

Amy Renaud likes to use both her left and right brain. With over 20 years of experience, the unique variety of skills she brings to the table stem from her various studies in careers such as Paralegal, Fine Art, Internet Communications, Graphic design, Corporate Training, Basic Coding and even a tech certification (A+) to boot. (no pun intended)


What does that mean for you?


  • ​Patience for days (need we say more)

  • Logical and creative thinking to tackle any problems that come up so you get the most out of what you have already without making things too complicated in the process

  • Champagne taste and beer budget... right, I totally understand.

  • Systems and workflows to stay on top of your website

  • High standards for layout, design and user experience. 

  • Dedication and a desire to do what's right and help others succeed.

  • it right the first time!


Connect with Amy

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Organized and Fun

"Amy has the rare ability to see the big picture of a project and balance that with thinking through the detailed steps and considerations to implement and achieve the project to potential. Not only is Amy brilliant, she makes any collaboration fun. Amy is always thinking and creating into the future, we need more people like her in the world!"

Corin B.


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