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About Us

Who you hire is important. The right fit is different for everyone.

When one teaches, two learn.  

                                              ..Robert Heinlein

Meet the Founder, Amy Renaud

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When you don't know what you don't know, you need someone you can trust to bring these things to light for you. Self-training isn't always enough.

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Amy Renaud, our founder, and your digital web communications specialist, is a unique force, seamlessly blending out-of-the-box creativity with precise, strategic thinking. With over two decades of experience, Amy is a unicorn in her own right, possessing a diverse skill set honed through studies in Paralegal Studies, Fine Art, Internet Communications, Graphic Design, basic coding, and a tech certification (A+). Her passion for Corporate Software Training emerged during her tenure as a tutor for the Department of Veteran Affairs, leading to over five years of teaching and eventually becoming the go-to graphics instructor.

She understands websites and digital communication and she understand people.


At Finalsite (2008 to 2018), Amy made significant contributions, starting with the Support team and transitioning to Deployment, becoming the go-to expert for "Site Admin Training" during site launches. She pioneered Finalsite Prep, a training program still running today, and spearheaded the onsite training initiative, expanding it into a project later supported by other consultants. Her training videos on the software were used by hundreds of clients over the years.

Describing her shift to self-employment within the client (school) domain, Amy discovered she was often addressing urgent issues for frustrated clients who didn't always have the right staff on hand. Recognizing an opportunity to assist clients in avoiding such levels of frustration, she sought a proactive approach... 



A Collaboration of Like Minded People

Getting the most out of your website is more about people than software. We come in, work with you and your team, or become your team, to guide you and help you build or re-build the best website possible. Then we empower your team to maintain it through workflows, systems and training.

If you don't have the right staff in place and have met all of the milestones, many clients have chosen not to hire but to work with us long term.

Our Mission

We love helping K-12 schools reach their website goals. 

"Our mission as an independent service is to empower K-12 schools by offering candid and impartial advice, valuable feedback, and expert knowledge. We aim to illuminate the unknowns, enabling you to make informed decisions. We don't just stop there; we roll up our sleeves and join you in the trenches, ensuring the job is done right through authentic collaboration."

Organized and Fun

"Amy has the rare ability to see the big picture of a project and balance that with thinking through the detailed steps and considerations to implement and achieve the project to potential. Not only is Amy brilliant, she makes any collaboration fun. Amy is always thinking and creating into the future, we need more people like her in the world!"

Corin B.


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