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Get strategic about your school website

We partner with K-12 schools providing strategic support and systems for building and managing today's websites. ​​​


Helping schools build a better website.

Welcome, my esteemed K-12 digital marketing and communications wizards! Throughout your digital adventures, you've surely stumbled upon the elusive and enchanting creatures known as websites. Oh, how they whisper sweet promises of ease and simplicity, as if anyone can tame their wild codes and content! 

Now, imagine meeting a sage expert, someone who joins your team and helps you tame the beast, creates order from chaos, and illuminates the path to a harmonious connection with your website.

If you can imagine that, then I am so glad our paths have crossed.

 Hands-on approach

Terrific concepts and strategies can fall short if they lack the means for execution. We are staunch believers that your triumph hinges not just on ideation but also on actual implementation. After all, exceptional ideas require exceptional follow-through...and perhaps a little fairy dust.

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Save Time and Stress

Knowledgeable or newbie, flatten the learning curve through training.

Focus on your Goals

Don't go it alone, bring along a trusted expert to help guide you through your projects.

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Experts to do the work

Focus on your priorities and let us handle the website as your virtual web administrator.

The skills you need to get things done

Embarking on the search for that mythical unicorn employee—the one who dances with technology, has a magical eye for design, and conjures up the finest user experience—can truly feel like an epic quest! While we may not boast mystical qualities, rest assured, we are adept in the realm of websites and bring a diverse set of skills to the table.


Trusted by Public Districts and Private Schools


Your school's website is a unique endeavor, not one-size-fits-all. That's why our approach begins with attentive listening to ensure the results align perfectly with your distinctive vision, mission, and culture.


Personable and Timely

“Extremely knowledgeable and I know I can pitch a challenge to her and she will tackle it and deliver me any finished product or solution that I need.״ 

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Holly Brooker

Community Relations Coordinator

Holly Brooker.jpeg

Veteran of Finalsite

“Amy uses her training and implementation superpowers for good, creating elegant order out of encoded chaos for educational sites around the world.״ 

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Michael S. Monaghan

Managing Director, Maria's House Montessori


Creative & Resourceful

“An instrumental member of my extended team for many years. Amy's work helps to drive design, functionality, and ease of use across all aspects of website usage.״ 

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Jamie Gigliotti

Director of External Affairs

Jamie Gigliotti.jpeg

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Does my website really matter?

Let's face it, your website is your digital front door. Question is, will prospective families who pass by your website stop and decide to walk through it? If you sense untapped potential in your website, enlisting a consultant could be the solution you're seeking.




Your first step


Let's find out if we are a good fit so we can get to work on your website .  

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