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"I already have a team of capable people working on my website, will I still benefit from hiring you?"

Even a super savvy team can benefit from knowing the short cuts, tips and tricks that only time and experience can provide. 

"Do you work for or receive commissions from Finalsite?"

Absolutely not, we don't operate on a commission or incentives basis from Finalsite. You'll collaborate with an independent Finalsite expert, untethered from corporate agendas often associated with being an employee. While our work may indeed benefit Finalsite (you're welcome, Finalsite), it's also the reason we've received referrals - our impactful and valuable work speaks for itself. We maintain a strong working relationship with Finalsite, sharing mutual clients, but we maintain the unique position of being genuine client advocates. Your success is our foremost concern, irrespective of the platform you opt for. This empowers us to recommend the software best suited for your needs and to provide unwavering support, driven by your success rather than any commission.

"We deployed our Finalsite website with a template design.  How can you improve upon a template?"

We believe that a template doesn't have to look like a template.  Using the website tools you have, applying some creative thinking and design, we will work with you to soften the line between a template site and a custom site.  

"Can you come to our school and work hands-on with us to help us get up and running with our website?"

Absolutely, we love being onsite and getting to work with clients in person. It's the best part! Working together live and in person whether it be training or "workday sessions" is one of the best ways to get to know each other, learn and be productive. It builds a better team environment.


"How long do you typically work with a client?"

That depends. Training is typically by the day, projects can take a few months and our signature service takes one full year. Retainers are offered on an annual basis. Often the only thing that changes is our level of support and involvement. When we are a good fit it doesn't ever have to end.

"Do we have to have a Finalsite website to work with you?"

No. With over 20 years of experience in web communications and software training. We can deploy a website and train you on a variety of software platforms.  We've supported the implementation of several 3rd party software solutions for our clients. Since we are not tied to any particular platform you can be confident we will help you choose what's right for you.

"I have Finalsite and need training, why not hire Finalsite to train us?"

Excellent question, and we're delighted you brought it up. Our credentials are solid: boasting 20+ years of expertise in web communications and software training, including nearly a decade immersed in Finalsite Support and Deployment. Your designated Finalsite expert has not only trained the trainers but initiated the ongoing Finalsite Prep course. They've also led training sessions for Finalsite clients, staff, and fellow consultants over the years. Our dedication to ensuring client success is unparalleled. We are confident that our commitment to top-notch training and our knack for tailoring the learning experience to individual skill levels will offer you an exceptional experience. One of the most significant benefits we bring is our independence from the company itself. This ensures you receive the most impartial advice on software usage and optimization strategies. We're eager to share an abundance of tips and tricks to help you extract the utmost from your software.

"How do I know if I could benefit from having you work with our school?"

It's entirely possible that we are not a good fit for each other. It happens. If we don't feel that you would benefit from having us work with you on a project or that our skills and your needs are not a good fit, we will tell you. What's important to us is that you have someone at your school we can work with who cares. If we care more about your success than you do it's usually not something that works out too well. We prefer not to have to convince you to make improvements. Our most successful clients are eager to improve their website and are excited to have us there. They put in the time needed to do their part to support our efforts and in return get far more value out of the time we spend. We enjoy an amazing and positive relationship with our clients and we want to continue that trend.

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